check The ATS allows the instructor to follow up the exercises performed by the pilots and engineers on training.

check Maintenance failures and different weather conditions may be introduced.

check Visual system generates landing runways images and airport boundaries.

check Every activity is controlled by several computers, which recreate same conditions as in a real flight.


• Cockpit Platform PRO

• Main Instrument Panel Module (Cockpit & Glareshield)

• Propanel II ELITE
• Avionic Tower ELITE AP-4000 (including GPS ELITE 430)
• Display Units for CAP sections

• Rudder System Pedals ELITE
• Audio system
• Crew Seat
• Horometer

• Instructor Cabin Section

Area designated for the instructor, composed by:
• Working table
• PC with minimal specifications established in section 07 SOFTWARE & VARIOUS.
• Control and supervision of all simulation and induction operations
• 19” LCD monitors for control and information display

• Structural steel system cockpit section

• Visual System

Visual system composed by three 32” LED monitors and supports, manufactured of tubular metal structure and finished on oven electrostatic paint


FTD flight simulator FNPT


FTD flight simulator FNPT


FTD flight simulator FNPT